Myott Art Deco Vases for sale

Myott produced a wide variety of vases during the Art Deco period. Below is a list of Myott vases I currently have for sale from my own collection. Use the 'Enquire' buttons to contact me for further information such as shipping costs or to make me an offer on a vase.

Myott Art Deco Basket Weave Onion Vase HW518

Myott 8 inch Basket Weave Onion Vase, pattern number HW518 in excellent condition.
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Price: £25

Myott Art Deco Pierott Spill Vase 9009

Myott spill vase with Pierott and Columbine in the uncommon turquoise colour way. Pattern number 9009.
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Price: £20

Myott Art Deco Square Vase possibly a trial piece

A very rare Myott Square Vase with ceramic insert. This is possibly a trial piece or limited run.
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Price: £225

Myott Art Deco Bell Vase P9764

Exceptionally rare Myott Bell Vase in pattern number P9764 for British American Glass.
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Price: £75

Myott Art Deco Posy Vase HW874

5.5 inch Myott Posy Vase in the copper coloured Old Lustre Ware colour way with pattern number H.W. 874.
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Price: £5

Extremely rare dripware fan vase. Possibly a trial piece.

Only one of these I have ever seen. A dripware fan vase in orange and brown. No pattern number so possibly a trial piece.
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Price: £200

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