Myott Art Deco Square Vase – possibly a trial piece

Myottmart-0032Price: £225
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An extremely rare Myott Square Vase together with its ceramic flower holder or frog. I have never seen this pattern before and as a rarity for Myott the design incorporates turquoise. This great Art Deco shape doesn’t often come up for sale. The Myott mark has been omitted from the base of the vase but the Myott ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’ russet mark is there. It is believed that the Myott mark was left off of trial pieces and as such this could indeed be one of those very rare examples.

The Square Vase is decorated primarily with greens in bold brush strokes. The sides panels are green and light green and the front and back are decorated in green and scalloped turquoise. The inside is scalloped with green and the base is green and yellow. The Square Vase stands 18.3cm (7.25 inches) tall and is 13.8cm (just under 5.5 inches) square at the top. The base is 10.3cm (4 inches) square. The vase is in extremely good condition with just light overall crazing to both the vase and the ceramic insert. The paintwork is in very good order.

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