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Welcome to MyottMart. We are specialists in collecting Staffordshire Myott Son & Co. Art Deco ceramics which were made by the pottery in the 1930's

The famous Staffordshire pottery produced varied shapes and patterns in the 1930s and 40s typified especially by ornamental jugs and vases displaying the gold crown backstamp. These pieces are becoming increasingly collectable and harder to find. Collectability will keep on growing in the future fuelled by the release of a new book and the recently formed online Myott Collectors Club.

We are continually updating and changing our collection and are always looking for new pieces for our hobby. I am willing to swap or part exchange any of the items on this website.

Myott Art Deco Cat & Mouse Jug - present for cat lover

Extremely rare Myott Art Deco Cat & Mouse Jug - sometimes known as a Cat Handle Jug. Great condition and a super gift or present for a cat lover.
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Myott Fact File
Popular Myott vases include: Fan vases, Diamond planters, Pyramid vases, Square vases, Moderne vases, Top Hat vases, Torpedo vases, Step vases, Bow Tie vases, Castle vases, Ball vases, Wedge vases, Owl vases, Step vases, Diamond vases (planters).
Popular Myott jugs include: Beaky jugs. Step jugs, Torpedo vases, Bow Tie jugs, Dante jugs, Round jugs, Chicken Neck jugs, Pentagonal jugs, Square Neck jugs, Trumpet jugs, Scroll Handle jugs, Lemonade jugs, Doric jugs, Cat Handle jugs, Pinch Neck jugs, Jester jugs
The pattern books were destroyed in a fire at the factory in 1949.
Myott used to be known as the poor man's Clarice Cliff but is now widely collected for its naive quality.
Some Myott pieces are stamped 'BAG'. This stands for British American Glass, a company used to enhance Myott's profile abroad.
In 1976 the pottery merged with Alfred Meakin to form Myott-Meakin.
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Have you dropped a pot? You need Myott ceramics repair. The restorers have many year's experience in the restoraton of ceramics.
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