Myott Art Deco Jugs for sale

A wide variety of Art Deco style jugs were produced by Myott during the 1930's. Below is a list of Myott jugs currently for sale from my personal collection. Use the 'Enquire' buttons to contact me for further information such as making an offer on a jug and shipping costs.

Myott B.A.G. Art Deco Dante Jug

A good Art Deco styled Myott Dante Jug (Chicken Neck Jug) in excellent condition attributed to B.A.G. Co. Ltd.
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Price: £95

Myott 8.5 inch Art Deco Dante Jug by H. Hargreaves

Myott left-handed Dante Jug in the 8.5 inch size hand decorated with gold leaf by H. Hargreaves in 1953.
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Price: £85

Myott Art Deco Twist Handle Jug – ‘Stripes’

Jazzy Myott Twist Handle Jug with bold bright stripes and in excellent condition.
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Price: £95

Myott 5.75 inch Art Deco Doric Jug by Gisburn

A Myott 5.75 inch Doric Cider or Lemonade Jug entitled ‘My Precious’, hand decorated in intricate floral pattern with gold leaf in 1953 by Gisburn.
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Price: £75

3 Myott Art Deco Pinch Neck Jugs

Great little collection of 3 Art Deco Myott Pinch Neck Jugs in various colourways and sizes.
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Price: £55.00

Giant 11 inch exceptionally rare Myott advertising Pinch Neck Jug

This is a rare opportunity to own this very-hard-to-come-by Myott Art Deco advertising Pinch Jug.
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Price: £325

Myott Art Deco Cat & Mouse Jug - present for cat lover

Extremely rare Myott Art Deco Cat & Mouse Jug - sometimes known as a Cat Handle Jug. Great condition and a super gift or present for a cat lover.
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Price: £SOLD

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