Myott 5.75 inch Art Deco Doric Jug by Gisburn

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Myott 1950’s Doric Jug in the 5.75 inch size on a white ceramic. The jug was decorated in 1953 by an artist called Gisburn. These jugs were produced in 2 other size varieties though not necessarily in the ‘My Precious’ pattern by Gisburn. Though the shape of these Cider Jugs is from the Art Deco era of the 1930’s, the design is more of a cross between 1950’s retro and Art Deco and perhaps is bridging a gap between the two styles. The jug is primarily painted in an intricate floral pattern using pinks, greens and blues with the use of gold leaf.

The Cider Jug is marked fully to the base with the later MYOTT ENGLAND incised mark in an arc with the BY stamp and also a batch number 36. The jug is in excellent condition with very high quality decoration.

This Cider/Lemonade Jug would make an excellent present for someone born in 1953.

I am currently researching this style of Myott ware produced in the 1950’s. Please use the contact page to send in any information relating to 1950’s hand decorated gold leaf wares especially those of Gisburn or entitled ‘My Precious’.

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