Myott 8.5 inch Art Deco Dante Jug by H. Hargreaves

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Left handed Myott Art Deco Dante Jug in the 8.5 inch size on a white ceramic. The Dante Jug has been decorated in 1953 by H. Hargreaves. Dantes were produced in 2 other sizes though not necessarily in this pattern by Hargreaves. Though the shape of the jug is Art Deco the design is more of a cross between Art Deco and 1950ís retro and perhaps is bridging a gap between the two styles. The Dante Jug is primarily painted in greens with flowers and the use of gold leaf.

The jug is fully marked with the later MYOTT ENGLAND incised in an arc with the BY stamp and also a batch number 30. The condition of the jug is very good with just a minor restoration to a small chip under the jug on the base.

This Dante Jug would make an excellent present for someone born in 1953.

I would like to no more about these style of Myott wares produced in the 1950ís especially if you have any information about H. Hargreaves who may have actually been left handed. Please use the contact page to send in any information.

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