Myott Art Deco Pierott Spill Vase 9009

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This Myott Art Deco Pierott Spill Vase is in the less-common turquoise colour way with grey surround. Pierott is a French character from mime. He is a sad clown who is pining for the love of Columbine who is portrayed to the right of Pierott on the vase. Spill vases were originally used to house tapers to transfer flame from the fire to another place. They were generally kept on the mantle shelf and are sometimes referred to as mantle vases.

The Pierott Spill vase is 20cm (8 inches) tall by 10cm (4 inches) wide. The vase is fully marked to the base with the Myott gold crown, HAND PAINTED and MADE IN ENGLAND in russet. The pattern number 9009 is hand lettered in black. The piece is in very good condition with just an area of flaked paint to the grey surround to the right of the female figure.

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