Extremely rare Myott Art Deco Asymmetric Vase H936-

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The only one I’ve ever seen in this pattern. An early Myott Art Deco Asymmetric Vase in pink and beige with the globes picked out in the famous Myott light green. The Asymmetric vase stands 20.3cm (8 inches) tall and in some ways marks the transition between the earlier Art Nouveau style and the Art Deco style of the early 1930’swhich is when this vase was probably made.

It’s possible the mould was an old Bretby one as other Myott shapes (known to be from old Bretby moulds) use the same embossed Myott Made in England back stamp. The gold Myott crown is also present along with ‘HAND PAINTED, pattern number H936- (the last digit is unreadable) and also a batch number ‘50’.

There are no chips to the vase but there is a 1.5 cm (about half inch) hairline running down from the rim. This is more noticeable on the inside of the vase. There is also overall crazing. A great piece this and very, very rare. You may not get another chance to own one of these.

This item is a back catalogue item and as such is not for sale.

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