Myott Art Deco Owl Bookend P.9554

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A Myott Art Deco Owl Bookend perched upon a pile of orange and yellow books Ė the only one I have ever seen. Itís missing its partner Iím afraid but it displays beautifully as an ornament. The piece has been professionally restored by Farcroft Restorations as the owl had become detached from the base at some stage in its distant past. The repair is invisible and there is now no evidence of the prior damage. The owl is decorated in great Art Deco colours of brown, beige, yellow and bright orange and the design is highly stylised.

The owl bookend is marked with the gold Myott crown, HAND PAINTED, ENGLAND and pattern number P.9554 which has been hand lettered by the paintress. There is a small black painterís mark too. The condition (though restored) is excellent with no chips, cracks or crazing.

The Owl bookend stands 16.5cm (6.5 inches tall) and the base is 10.8mm (4.25 inches) by 8.1cm (3.2 inches).

This is the actual owl bookend that appears in the new book on British Art Deco ceramics by Andrew Casey. Andrew is an expert on Art Deco ceramics and particularly requested the use of the pictures as he realised the significance of this piece within the realms of British Art Deco ceramics.

This Owl Bookend is part of the MyottMart catalogue and as such is not for sale.

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