Myott Art Deco Castle Vase 8943

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This is a great example of a rare Myott Tower Vase with a superb jazzy Art Deco pattern. This pattern is more commonly known as a Castle Vase or a Turret Vase. The vase stands a towering 22.2cm (8.7 inches) tall and is 90mm (3.5 inches) square at the top and also at the base. This pattern has been described as ‘Liquorice’ in the past due to the thin black liquorice-like lines in the pattern which separate out areas of pink, yellow, lilac green and black.

This rare item is marked to the base qith the full gold Myott crown, HAND PAINTED, MADE IN ENGLAND, pattern number 8943 and also a small indiscernible painter’s mark in green. The condition of the Tower Vase is very good with just a few areas of flaked paint to the black and overall light crazing. This is a truly great piece of Art Deco from around 1935.

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