Myott Art Deco Torpedo Vase 8979

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Myott Art Deco Torpedo Vase in pastel colourway. The Torpedo vase stands 22cm (8.7 inches) tall with a base diameter of 11.1cm (4.3 inches). The pattern uses areas of pink, purple, yellow, blue and green in a very stylised floral design. This is probably the best Myott Torpedo vase available.

The Torpedo vase is marked with the gold Myott crown, HAND PAINTED, MADE IN ENGLAND and pattern number 8979. The Torpedo Vase is in extremely good condition with no cracks, chips or crazing. This is a spectacular piece of original Art Deco that typifies the Art Deco era.

Pictures of this actual Torpedo Vase were supplied to Millers Collectables Price Guide 2008 and you can see the printed pictures on page 112 along with some of the other Myott Art Deco ceramics featured on the MyottMart website.

This fan vase forms part of the Myott catalogue and as such is not for sale.

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