Myott Art Deco Dante Jug 9811

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This is a super Myott Art Deco geometric patterned Dante Jug in the smallest of the three sizes this shape was manufactured in, standing 19cm (7.5 inches) tall. This shape is more commonly known as a ‘Chicken Neck Jug’ or even sometimes as a ‘Turkey Neck Jug’. The bold pattern is composed of orange, green and yellow blocks of colour on a curved brown grid.

The Dante Jug is marked to the base with the full Myott gold crown and is attributed to B.A.G. Co. Ltd. which stands for British American Glass a company used in the 1930’s to enhance the standing of the Myott pottery. Other marks include HAND PAINTED and MADE IN ENGLAND. There is a pattern number 9811 and also a small indiscernible painter’s mark hand lettered in brown. The Dante Jug is in excellent condition with just a few small areas of paint flake. There is no crazing to this piece.

Pictures of this actual dante Jug were supplied to Millers Collectables Price Guide 2008 and you can see the printed pictures on page 111 along with some of the other Myott Art Deco ceramics featured on the MyottMart website.

This item is a back catalogue item and as such is not for sale.

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